About the Project

Welcome to our project! We explore the vital role of critical thinking in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change. Through self-assessment, educational resources and professionalisation workshops, we aim to empower individuals to think critically about climate-related issues to make informed decisions.

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Climate Change Education for Students

Our project contributes to educating people about climate change and fostering their critical thinking skills. Through our platform, anyone can take a self-test to assess their critical thinking abilities in relation to climate change and receive valuable feedback. Moreover, we provide access to comprehensive learning materials on ,Critical Thinking in Relation to Climate Change’ and ,Conceptual Understanding of Climate Change’. These resources empower students to deepen their understanding, expand their knowledge, and develop the necessary skills to engage meaningfully in the debate about climate change.

Material for Students and Teachers

Our project serves as a valuable resource for pre-service and in-service teachers, providing comprehensive learning and teaching materials in the field of climate change education. Through our learning modules, teachers and anyone who wants to teach or learn about climate change can access rich content to develop engaging lessons on critical thinking in relation to climate change. Each module includes a teacher guide that offers practical guidance for lesson planning and delivery.

Whether you are a current teacher seeking innovative teaching materials or someone aspiring to become an educator, our project provides the necessary resources to enhance your teaching skills and deepen your understanding of climate change education.

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Teaching Climate Change in Schools

By facilitating students and teachers in the realm of climate change education, we aim to catalyse a transformative impact on their lessons and the overall learning experience. The knowledge gained through our materials equips teachers with the tools to deliver more engaging and informed lessons, empowering them to inspire their students.

The benefits of improved teaching about climate change extend to the pupils themselves. By receiving high-quality instruction on this critical topic, students become more aware of the scientific underpinnings of climate change. Critical thinking skills help students to engage in informed discussions about climate change and sustainable practices.

By prioritising education and empowering both students and teachers, we want to contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Who is this project for?

Teacher Students

Students can utilise our platform in two key ways. First, they can take a self-test to assess their critical thinking when it comes to climate change. Second, they can try out our learning materials to delve deeper into the topic of climate change. Our platform empowers students to self-assess and expand their understanding, fostering a proactive approach to learning about climate change.


Pupils reap the rewards of their teachers’ enhanced education on climate change. With improved knowledge and understanding, teachers can deliver more impactful and informed lessons, empowering pupils to develop a deeper comprehension of this critical topic. Moreover, our learning materials on ,Critical Thinking in Relation to Climate Change’ and ,Conceptual Understanding of Climate Change’ can be used in the classroom. Through our self-test, pupils also have the opportunity to assess their own critical thinking skills in relation to climate change.


Teachers can leverage our platform as a valuable resource for their lessons. Our learning materials provide tutorials for topics related to climate change that can be incorporated into their teaching. Moreover, each learning module includes a dedicated teacher guide, offering practical support and guidance.

All Eager Learners about Climate Change

Our platform extends its benefits to individuals who are eager to learn about climate change. With our self-test feature, individuals can assess their critical thinking skills in relation to climate change. The learning modules offer a deep dive into climate change topics, enabling individuals to expand their knowledge and understanding.


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Oct 2022
Project Start
Jul 2023
Oct 2023
Oct 2024
Professional development workshops for in-service teachers on teaching/learning activities to foster conceptual understanding of climate change
Jun 2024
Publication of Self-Test
Nov 2024
Implementation of the materials for developement of conceptual understanding on project website
Jan 2025
Jun 2025
Professional development workshop for in-service science teachers on teaching/learning activities for critical thinking on climate change
Jul 2025
Implementation of the materials for developement of critical thinking in climate change on project website &
International summer school for teaching critical thinking on climate change